Leadership – two sides of the same coin

A few years ago, I was about to make new business cards, and I thought: what should they say? What is the message I want to send? What’s the best way to clearly define what I do?

I give coaching, consultation and advice – okay, that was easy. But to whom?
I realized that all the positions and titles of the people who consult me differ only along the lines of organizations they work for and merely reflect their structures, but what connects them all is leadership. And yes, my job is consulting leaders, regardless of their position or title.

So, what are those leadership skills we all look for?

  • Leaders crave self-improvement. They know that by improving their soft skills, they raise their professional value and move closer to achieving outstanding results at work. 
  • Leaders value integrity. They respect clients, co-workers, and competitors. 
  • They are passionate about their work and devoted to realizing their visions and achieving their goals. 
  • They make decisions and take responsibility for them. 
  • Leaders know they aren’t always right – they aren’t perfect, and they’re okay with it. 
  • They’re capable of setting priorities. They know the true importance of both things they do as well as the things they don’t do

Do you have a leader you admire? What makes him/her special/stand out from the rest? 

Is there any leader you admire? What makes them stand out from the crowd? 

There’s another side to this leadership coin. One that’s less spoken about but still an equally important part of the day.

What’s the dark side of leadership leaders have to deal with?

  • The constant pressure leaders have to achieve satisfactory results and growth no matter the obstacles, competition, and market situation. 
  • They are exposed to complex situations that demand fast and effective reactions—making hard decisions and standing by them. 
  • Leaders are dealing with a potential lack of honesty from business partners and co-workers.
  • They sometimes work alongside team members who refuse to take responsibility and don’t give the expected results. 
  • They are often being torn apart between work and family life. 
  • Leaders are facing the competitive environment and political company power games.

Sometimes we forget that leaders are just people. And just like everyone else, they have their good and bad days. Not being perfect, experiencing highs and lows is an essential part of the leadership role.

Leaders are, often because of their influence and power, put in the spotlight, with high expectations, praises, adoration, critiques, or even denial.

If you are a leader or planning to become one, have in mind the complexity and diversity of your role. Learn how to expand your capacity for diverse experiences, relationships, results, team members, and communication. Set yourself apart from the idea of how you should be perfect and at your best 24/7.

Dear leaders, please learn to ask for help and support when you need it. It’s a leadership skill.

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