Career Path | Is Your Success Your Golden Cage?

Career Path | Is Your Success Your Golden Cage?

Do you feel that you have achieved the success that many dreams of, but that no longer fulfills you?

From the outside, everything may seem high, but you no longer feel happy about it. You make good money, and your projects are very successful, but you no longer feel enthusiasm and optimism, but somewhat stress and exhaustion. The joy and motivation seem to have disappeared completely. You feel guilty that you aren’t happy and you don’t know what is wrong, mainly because everything should be more than okay. 

I was precisely at that point a couple of years ago. I felt like a needed to make a change but had no clue where and how to start. I tried many things, had many doubts, hesitated, but I eventually did it – I escaped the golden cage. It turned out to be an excellent decision.

Escaping From the Golden Cage

These are my 4 favorite strategies that helped me most get moving and make progress

Allow Yourself To Update Your Desires And Goals

Allow Yourself To Update Your Career Path Desires And Goals

When was the last time you thought about what is a real success for you?

Modify and update your list of desires and goals and make changes that will genuinely make you happy. To cross out everything that is no longer important to you. To erase everything that you have taken as a benchmark from your environment, family, or friends, but it doesn’t really matter to you. You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment. The right time is now!

Ask yourself:
  • Do you still want something you wanted 15 years ago?
  • Alternatively, do you want something completely different now?

Acknowledge And Respect Your Fears

  • Have a little talk with your fears.
  • What is the valuable and caring attention behind each fear?
  • What are they trying to protect you from?
Feel them, understand them, and gently look for solutions to make them have less influence over you. Think of fear as a signal motivating you to do your best and go further with your transformation. For example: if you are scared about earning enough money with your new career path, then use it to focus on figuring out how to gain financial freedom, learn related skills and improve your “money” mindset. Use fear as fuel for your motivation to take action and make progress.

Have Faith — Lots Of It

Yes, you will meet your share of failure, make bad decisions, and not always get the results you hoped for, but it’s perfectly normal and happens to everybody. Starting a new career path or your own business is a big step. A big part of it is having faith all way long, especially when you feel you are failing.

  • Empower your faith and confidence by discovering your big why.
  • Why do you want to take a new career path?
  • Why do you want to start your own business?
  • Why is it essential for you to make the leap, earn more money, or have more free time?

Ask For Help, And Do It Wisely

Seek and find support. Last year, at Nile Donald Walsh’s lecture in Belgrade, one piece of advice stood out from the others, and I heard it clearly: “Ask for help.” It took me several months to apply what I heard, but I was glad I did. I hired coaches that helped me clarify my business vision, which was a crucial milestone for me. They also supported my transformation that positively affected and speeded up my professional growth.

Mentors, coaches, psychotherapists, consultants, experts in the field you are interested in are people who can support you professionally and effectively on your way to happiness and success. Someone has already walked the same path you want to go on or has the knowledge and skills you need. The support you receive from these professionals is valuable and will save you time, money, and will ultimately, boost your confidence. When choosing those experts as your mentors use your intuition and emotions, but be reasonable too.

Friends and family are a special kind of support, and they are the ones who love and support us the most. They can be excellent moral support, but helping about something that isn’t their area of expertise is a little bit too much to expect from them. Most likely, they aren’t your target group, so if you test your business ideas with them, you may not get the right answer.

In short:

  • Start your escape from the golden cage by inviting your dreams and desires to join you.

  • When fear(s) show-up uninvited, acknowledge them and let them motivate you.

  • Keep your faith, and empower it by discovering your big why.

  • Be smart and aware that you are not supposed to know it all, and ask experts for help.

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