About me

All techniques and strategies incorporated in LEAP AND LEAD, I’ve tested through my leadership, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience. I’ve already walked the way that is in front of you, and now I’m going to help you clarify and achieve your desired business improvement.

Besides managing innovative projects, delivering operational efficiency, and executing the premium customer experience, I was also very passionate about team growth during my corporate leadership career. So as a people-oriented leader, I got inspired to acquire NLP master and coaching knowledge, which quickly became part of my daily life and work.

Over the past ten years, I studied different personal development techniques from renowned international experts such as Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Charles Faulkner, Marilyn Atkinson, Slavica Squire, and Bernd Isert,

As an architect and a creative at heart, I combine coaching process and various creative innovative solutions to make my client’s transformation environment more inspiring. I genuinely believe that creativity and fun have an essential place in our professional life to achieve better and bigger goals.

Marija Simeunovic
Business Mindset and Leadership Coach

Founder of Leap and Lead